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Farewell to the Liar Available in Hardback, eBook, and Audio!

We are super excited to announce the final novel in the Tales of Fenest trilogy, Farewell to the Liar , is available now in hardback, eBook, and audio! We're just over the moon with how the series has been received by readers and reviewers. The team at Ad Astra , our imprint at  Head of Zeus , have been fantastic throughout the process, and we couldn't be prouder of everything they've helped us achieve with these books. It's been quite the journey, from the start of Cora's story and the opening two election tales in Widow's Welcome , to the revelations of Cora's family and the Perlish and Torn stories in The Stitcher and the Mute . Now, readers can cast their votes on the Rustan and much anticipated Wayward election stories - and finally see how Cora's own tale ends. Buy your copy today on  Hive , ,  Amazon ,  Foyles,  or  Waterstones

The Stitcher and the Mute in Paperback!

  We are beyond excited to share this new design for the paperback release of The Stitcher and the Mute, available from 10th June! This is the second book in the Tales of Fenest trilogy, which sees Detective Cora Gorderheim swept up in events far beyond the streets of Fenest. But don't worry, she still has time to hear the election stories from the Perlish and the Torn. The team at Head of Zeus have done a wonderful job of capturing those two very different realms on this paperback cover. We'd like to thank Nina Elstad especially for her amazing artwork. We can't wait to share more of Nina's work on the trilogy, so watch this space! You can pre-order  The Stitcher and the Mute paperback here (also available in eBook and Audio): Head of Zeus   Waterstones

The Stitcher and the Mute launch!

Stop the pennysheet-press, The Stitcher and the Mute  will be launching online on Thursday 12th November, curtesy of Griffin Books of Penarth. The event is free, but ticketed (to avoid all those nasty internet trolls). So sign-up here to avoid disappointment: We're delighted to be launching the second in the Tales of Fenest  trilogy with Griffin - who you may remember did a wonderful job of launching Widow's Welcome back in August 2019. We hope you'll join us for an evening of fantasy, stories - Perlish and Torn - and lively electoral discussion (no, not that  election...)  

Cover for The Stitcher and the Mute

We're so excited to show off this amazing cover for The Stitcher and the Mute , the second book in the Tales of Fenest trilogy published 12th November 2020! The artist, Helen Crawford-White , has done an fantastic job of capturing the feel of the book, as well as giving some clues about the Perlish and Torn stories. We loved Helen's work on the first book, Widow's Welcome ,  and we're so pleased she continued to work on the trilogy. We hope the cover for The Stitcher and the Mute  gets your vote on the 12th November! Pick up your copy here . 

Widow's Welcome: the Cardigan vote

On the 29th November 2019 we were fortunate enough to be invited to read from Widow's Welcome at The Cellar Bards in Cardigan. We took all our voting kit so the bards could have their say on the Casker and the Lowlander stories... And the results are: Caskers: 50% of the votes Lowlanders: 50% of the votes No stones/ballots were ruined It seems Cardigan is one of the fairest (or is it the most divided?) places to cast the black and white stones so far.   We had a great time reading at The Cellar Bar - it's a wonderful atmosphere and the open mic section was fantastic (with a brand new sound system, no less!) Thanks to all readers and listeners that braved a cold Friday evening. We'll have to come back and see what the Cardigan voters make of the Perlish and Torn stories. If they're not completely sick of elections by then...    

Widow's Welcome: Launch

It's finally here!  Widow's Welcome  is out in the world. The real world, with real readers. And we were lucky enough to see some of them at the launch for the book at Penarth Pier Pavilion, in our home town of Cardiff. We were just amazed by how many people came out to support us and the book. We had friends come from as far afield as York, Oxford, and Aberystwyth, as well as a good crowd of locals.    It was great to see a big 'ole pile of hardbacks, courtesy of Pernarth's fantastic indie bookshop, Griffin Books - a massive thank you to Mel and her hard-working team.  We also risked a bit of audience participation on the night (thanks to Lucy Corbett for the great pic of the voting table). As well as doing a bit of call-and-response, which led to 100+ people saying "The Audience is listening", we got everyone to exercise their democratic right to vote. We each read the start of the election stories that feature in  Widow's Welcome

Widow's Welcome: One Week Countdown

With just one week until Widow's Welcome  is published, we thought we'd share some of the great artwork and images from inside the book as a kind of teaser. We're so grateful to our publisher, Head of Zeus, for organising these. We love the cover (and judging by early responses, so do a lot of readers). But they didn't just stop there. They commissioned a map by cartographer and illustrator, Jamie Whyte . This is the first time Kath or I have ever had a map in a book! We are beyond excited by this! Check it out here in all its glory: It really captures not just the geography of the world of Widow's Welcome , but the spirit and cultures of it too. We absolutely love the realm insignia Jamie designed for the six realms (plus the city of Fenest). So much so, we're using them in our one week countdown on Twitter . Check there first for the images as they come out, or check back to this post as we update it. First up is the Caskers: The Casker realm